Our History…

In the year 2012, with the movement of conflict free case management- Mesa Developmental Services (MDS) split into two separate entities. Strive was created as the service provider, and MDS remained as the community center board (CCB) case management agency. Both agencies, one roof, one CEO, CFO, Board of Directors, human resources, and accounting department- all supporting essentially one mission: We support people who strive to meet their full potential.

MDS is dedicated to a person-centered approach to service planning and delivery and is a Committee of Quality and Leadership certified agency. It is our prerogative to support each individual with their goals and ambitions and to help implement service and support plans to pursue the dreams of those we serve.

We perform intake, eligibility enrollment, and case management for children and adults with an intellectual and/or developmental disability. Case management is a collaborative process of assessment, service planning, monitoring, care coordination, and advocacy. The CCB Case Manager is the primary contact to connecting you or your loved one to resources, helping you to navigate the muddy waters of State rules and regulations in order to have the best possible supports in place.

Board of Directors

Always available to answer questions and provide quality feedback and advice.