Services Supports

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Children Extensive Supports (CES)

The Children’s Extensive Support Waiver (CES) helps children with developmental and intellectual disabilities and their families, by providing services and supports that will help children to establish a long-term foundation for community inclusion as they grow into adulthood.

Family Support Services (FSS)

The Family Support Services Program (FSSP) provides support for families who have children with developmental disabilities or delays with costs that are beyond those normally experienced by other families. The primary purpose of the FSSP is to support children with developmental disabilities or delays remaining within their own nurturing family setting and prevent out-of-home placements.

Developmental Disabilities (DD)

The Home and Community-Based Services Waiver for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (DD) (also known as the Comprehensive Waiver) provides access to 24-hour, seven days a week supervision through Residential Habilitation and Day Habilitation Services and Supports. 

State Funded Support

The State Fund Services program is designed to be a funding source from the state that supports the following programs: State Supported Living Services and Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act – OBRA. 

Supported Living Services (SLS)

The HCBS-SLS waiver provides necessary services and supports for adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities so they can remain in their homes and communities with minimal impact to individuals’ community and social supports.